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Good, Bad, Ugly, Controversial & Interesting News -- 7th July 2017

Good, Bad, Ugly, Controversial & Interesting News
7th July 2017
Source: Times of India (Chennai Edition)

GOOD  News

Electronic payments have become safer for consumers with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) introducing the concept of `zero liability' and `limited liability' for bank customers for any card or online fraud. Reporting of unauthorised transactions through a reply to the alert message and reporting of unauthorised transactions on the home page of the banks are being made mandatory. The customer will not be liable if there is a third party breach, without bank involvement, which is reported to the bank within three working days of receiving communication regarding the unauthorized transaction

Those using fake caste certificates for school and college admissions or getting government jobs will lose the benefit when the fraud is discovered

CJI, governors should come under RTI Act: Supreme Court

Indian and Israeli companies signed strategic pacts worth $4.3 billion (excluding defence) on the side-lines of the first CEOs Forum held in Tel Aviv. The business leaders gave a thumbsup to the $40 million innovation fund. They aim to increase bilateral trade from the present $4-5 billion to $20 billion in five years.

The Indian Coast Guard plans to strengthen its presence on the eastern seaboard by adding more patrol and interceptor vessels. The number of ships went from 61 in 2009 to 129 in 2017. This will be increased to 150 by the end of 2018

Gujarat is set to become the first state to witness use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) with paper trail in all polling booths during the assembly elections slated to be held in December.

The Kerala government is planning to set up a `One-Day Home' to provide safe accommodation for women visiting Thiruvananthapuram for various purposes as part of making the Kerala capital women friendly

India has declared itself free from bird flu (highly pathogenic Avian Influenza -H5N1 and H5N8) and notified it to the World Organisation for Animal Health. The move will help it resume export of poultry products to the countries which had banned trade

Like universities abroad, students in India will now have a say in assessment and accreditation of their academic institutions. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), which launched its new methodology for grading universities, will give 20% weightage to online student satisfaction survey (SSS) while offering accreditation from this year

Mauritius signed the multilateral instrument (MLI) to mitigate tax avoidance through base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) tactics. However, it has not covered the tax treaty with India under the MLI signed by it

Bad News

Tamil Nadu Govt. to tax rooftop solar, slashes support

As Indian and Chinese troops remain locked in a face-off near the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet trijunction, there is, as of now, no bilateral meeting scheduled between Chinese President Xi Jinping and PM Narendra Modi at Germany's Hamburg where the leaders will attend the G20 deliberations on 7th & 8th Jul

3,000 streets out of 28,000 streets in Chennai city which get water supply through 6,520-km pipeline network in Chennai go without water

Amid stand-off, China holds army exercise in Tibet

Ugly News

A 20-year-old student fell to his death from the fifth floor balcony of a building in Gurgaon DLF-3 where he stayed as a paying guest after allegedly being pushed by the landlord and his sons during an argument over water shortage and power outages on the premises

Controversial News

PeTA (The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) moves SC against TN jallikattu law

Noting a lack of affordable and quality school education for children from minority communities, a panel set up by ministry for minority affairs has recommended setting-up of 211 central schools on the lines of Kendriya Vidyalas and Navodaya Vidyalas in minority-concentration districts

Sikkim has decided to sue Bengal for causing loss exceeding Rs 60,000 crore to the Himalayan state during the 32-year-long Gorkhaland statehood agitation in neighbouring Darjeeling

Former finance minister Chidambaram calls GST `very, very imperfect'

The joint admission board of IIT has told the Supreme Court that it was not possible to revise the merit list of Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) by scrapping bonus marks awarded to all students for wrong questions, saying that around 30,000 candidates had already been allotted seats in different engineering colleges across the country. According to the petition,IIT-Madras decision to award 18 bonus marks to all the candidates appearing for the examination (11 marks for incorrect questions in Paper II and 7 marks for incorrect questions in Paper I) irrespective of whether or not those candidates even attempted to answer the said questions is clearly arbitrary and violative of the rights of the candidates who successfully solved the said questions”

The district magistrate of Haridwar has issued directions to heads of various departments such as police, local bodies, health department, village panchayats etc to penalise those who are found urinating or defecating in the areas under their jurisdiction with a fine of  Rs. 5,000.

Interesting News

The transmission and distribution (T&D) losses for rooftop solar plants is less than 1%, while for big plants it is around 20%-25%.

According to the `Global Report on Urban Health' released by the UN in 2016, the number of persons killed per lakh of population in Chennai was the second highest across the major selected cities at 26.6, next to Fortaleza, the capital of the Brazilian state of Ceara. The Swedish capital reported only 0.7 deaths per one lakh of population

According to a research study by the  ministry of road transport and highways and Barclays on the vehicular population in India in 2016, Delhi had the most number of vehicles with around 4.5 crore and Chennai had the second largest vehicular population of 2.33 crore.

As refinery systems can reach temperatures as high as 120ÂșC, they use significant quantities of water -about 2.5 gallons -for every gallon of petrol they produce.

Bariatric surgery to reduce excess fat cannot be always categorized as a cosmetic surgery; morbid obesity is a disease which leads to several health complications as well (such as hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis and cancer), a consumer court has held. The court directed the insurance company to pay mediclaim of  Rs. 3.24 lakh with 9% interest to a morbidly obese 67year old woman who went under the scalpel for weight loss three years ago

The Indian Army played a vital role in liberating Haifa from the Turks after almost 402 years -a battle immortalised in the school curricula of Israel. Almost a 100 years later, at a solemn ceremony in the Indian War Cemetery, PM Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, paid homage to the 44 Indian soldiers who had made the ultimate sacrifice during the liberation of the city during World War I

5.3 crore of the country's 12 crore farmers (44%) and 40% of the crop area had been covered in one year of the launch of crop insurance

France aims to junk sale of petrol, diesel cars by 2040

Two experimental treatments for skin cancer, tailor-made to target a particular patient's tumours, proved safe in small-scale trials

Older couples cheat more than their younger counterparts in extra-marital sex

Strong sense of smell could make you fat

Nakazato, the 31-year-old wunderkind has been working for six months on a new 3D technique using cotton, nylon and wool. He said that in future clothes would be infinitely adaptable “and will grow with you“ - expanding with the wearer's waistline -and able to incorporate wearable devices.

According to researchers from the University of Toronto, Expressions Can Reveal If We Are Rich Or Poor, Make People Act With Bias

Chinese cinemas have be en ordered to play government-issued videos before every movie screening.

Wi-Fi now an analytics tool for retailers to engage with shoppers

Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov is coming out of retirement to play in a US tournament next month

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