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Good, Bad, Ugly, Controversial & Interesting News -- 6th July 2017

Good, Bad, Ugly, Controversial & Interesting News
6th July 2017
Source: Times of India

GOOD  News

All police stations in the city have been advised by the Chennai city police commissioner to register complaints in all cases irrespective of their jurisdictional limits.

Govt. launches 6 free fertility clinics to help childless couples in TN at a cost of around `2 crore

Tech to terror: India & Israel clinch strategic partnership. Both nations agreed to combat growing radicalisation and terrorism and expand cooperation in cyber security

The SCERT (State Council Educational Research and Training), currently involved in framing new state board textbooks, will be organising the state-level capacity training for faculty members of private matriculation schools

All industries using low tension power will be provided with new connections within 15 days of applying as against 60 days while the domestic sector will be given connections within a day of applying as against 30 days at present

A notorious practice adopted by the city police for decades to under-report commission of offences has been given a quiet burial. No longer will `non-DSR' cases be maintained in the `second book' at city police stations

The new housing policy of TN aims to reduce cost of construction

TN Govt to offer home-based palliative nursing care

Govt hospitals in TN to get high-end radiation therapy equipment. 64 crore being allocated for setting up linear accelerators in four government hospitals

Post-demonetisation and introduction of Goods & Services Tax (GST), the government has set an agenda of cleaning up political funding and increasing tax compliance

An expert group has proposed setting up of an independent Computer Emergency Response Team for Finance (CERT-Fin) to be the cyber watch guard of the financial sector

Bad News

At 60L tonnes, foodgrains output drops 65% in TN. The severe drought in Tamil Nadu, the likes of which has never been experienced in the last 141 years, may affect food grains production for the next two years

An IAS officer who had spearheaded the anti-encroachment drive at the hill station of Munnar in Kerala was transferred by the CPM led LDF government, drawing condemnation from the opposition Congress and BJP

Hit by the soaring temperatures drying out southern Europe, the Italian capital has started turning off up to 30 of the 2,800 distinctive curved metal taps every day, dismaying Romans and prompting concerns that homeless people would become dehydrated

Amid IT layoffs, techies with conventional skills are being handed pink slips

HDFC has an exposure of Rs 909 crore to Essar Steel, which is facing recovery action from banks

Data repository CDSL blames state owned insurance behemoth LIC's disinterest for the slow-moving juggernaut of digitising the life insurance sector.

Ugly News

The income tax department has attached assets worth over `300 crore of former Maharashtra deputy CM and NCP leader Cha gan Bhujbal, his son Pankaj and nephew Sameer under the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act

In Hyderabad, excise officials busted a three-member gang peddling drugs, including LSD, exposing the dark underbelly of the city where several school students were among their clientele, some as young as class 8 and 9 students. About 700 dots of LSD worth `20 lakh and 35gm of MDMA worth `1.4 lakh were recovered from the peddlers

Controversial News

Govt wants you to give up rail fare subsidy. Railways has plans to provide two “slabs“ of subsidy surrender--50% and100% of the total cost of rail fares

Interesting News

HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain's biggest ever warship, is conducting sea trials ahead of her commissioning in 2018. The £3.5bn ($4.5bn) vessel is the world's largest aircraft carrier outside of the US navy. It outstrips aircraft carriers operated by the Russian and Chinese navies as also Indian Navy's INS Vikramaditya. It can house 20 aircrafts.

Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction estimates say fertility cases in the country have increased to about 30 million couples, a two-fold rise from the 1980s. Experts attribute this to late marriages, stress and erratic lifestyle. Most of the times the women are blamed for not bearing children although studies have shown that infertility is 40% because of the man

J&K last state to adopt GST

Mettur reservoir missed its customary water release date (June 12) for the sixth consecutive year because of poor storage

Carnatic maestro T V Gopalakrishnan honoured with Balamuralikrishna award

Around 10 lakh people are dependent on the film trade in Tamil Nadu

Ultra-high density farming, using drip irrigation method developed by Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, will help farmers grow nearly 500-674 mango trees on one acre against the current 40 trees on one acre

An 8-footlong Indian rock python turned up in the undercarriage bay of an Indian Air Force transport plane at Agra airbase

Railways bears 43% of the cost of all rail fares even as it incurs a loss of about `30,000 crore every year in subsidising passenger fares.

With China increasing its naval presence in the Indian Ocean Region amid the ongoing Sikkim stand-off, the Indian Navy is keeping an eye on the `dragon' with the help of its `eye in the sky', Gsat-7, the Navy's own dedicated military satellite named Rukmini that was launched on September 29, 2013.

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) has turned out to be the most trusted and reliable satellite carrier of the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro). It has not just launched 209 satellites of 28 countries since May 1999, the vehicle has also placed 48 Indian satellites in their respective orbits till now.

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD in Rostock in Germany have developed Ear Field Sensing (EarFS) that recognises facial gestures via a special ear plug. EarFS allows micro interactions with a smartphone, such as accepting phone calls or turning on music. It also detects weariness and other emotions. Hence, phones could warn drivers when signs of weariness are registered or could switch to mute when drivers concentrate attentively.

Scientists have found that getting rid of certain flowers can help curb mosquito population by cutting off their food supply that may help tackle malaria

Demonetisation had resulted in 92 lakh more peo ple being forced to file returns.

Team Indus, the private initiative founded in 2011 by IIT Delhi alumnus to land a rover on the Moon, is looking to raise $40 million through a mix of corporate sponsorship and crowdfunding before its scheduled lunar rover mission launch in December

National Insurance plans IPO (initial public offering)

India Home To Largest Pool Of Blockchain Talent, Leads Global Average By 40% --  LinkedIn

E-learning marketplace Udemy has witnessed a 978% jump in enrollments for blockchain courses this year

To save Rs 125 crore a year, EPFO ties up with 5 banks to collect PF dues

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