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Good, Bad, Ugly & Interesting News -- 24th June 2017

Good, Bad, Ugly & Interesting News
24th June 2017
Source: Times of India

GOOD  News

NEET shield: 85% medical seat quota for TN board students

CBSE agrees to re-evaluate exam papers of students

Passports from now on will be printed both in English and Hindi. Passport fee has been reduced by 10% for applicants below eight years and those above 60 years

The Supreme Court has come out in favour of amendment to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act to make the law “meaningful“ by allowing women to abort terminally ill fetuses beyond the current limit of 20 weeks

Centre pledges Rs 58k crore to 30 Smart Cities, 4 TN towns, Pondy make the cut

For the third straight year, Tamil Nadu topped the country in attracting tourists, both foreign and domestic, in 2016

The office of the inspector general of registration granted sub registrars permission to re-register unapproved plots which were registered as 'house sites' before October 21, 2016

India is ranked No.2 for fintech innovation afrer US. --  CapGemini report

Bad News

TN got just 10% (Rs.29,615 crore) of Rs 2.42L crore promised at GIM, admits minister

Punjab has become the first state in the country to take the Excise Act amendment route to make way for booze sale near highways after the SC barred liquor vends within 500-metre radius of highways on December 15, 2016

According to a UN agency report, Tamil Nadu and Kerala may top the country in literacy rates, but account for the highest proportion of its literate child workers ­ most of them labouring in cities

In Texas, an eight-month-old baby drowned in a bathtub while her mother was busy texting on Facebook

NRI deposits hit a two-year low with liquidity surplus in India

Over the next three fiscals, India's cement sector will reverse a six-year trend when incremental demand will outpace incremental supply. While incremental demand is seen doubling to 48 MT compared with the past three fiscals, incremental supply is seen moderating by a fifth to 31 MT from 39 MT

Ugly News

A frenzied mob, raising pro-Pakistan slogans, lynched a senior police officer outside Srinagar's Jamia Masjid on Shab-e-Qadr, the holiest night for Muslims during Ramzan

Interesting News

The capital cities of 11 states -- Kerala, Gujarat, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Himachal, Andhra J&K, Mizoram, Sikkim and Chhattisgarh were among 30 urban areas which were selected to be developed as smart cities

Pinkathon set to raise cancer awareness in Chennai for 4th year
Govt. has set a target of Rs 1L cr for knitwear biz by 2020

The number of child workers fell from 1.2 crore in 2001 to 1.01 crore in 2011 across the country

Coimbatore-based Ganga Hospital on Friday became the first in the country to have full-time air ambulance service attached to it

Village boy from Punjab tops NEET, wants to fight cancer

Punjab's cotton belt or the Malwa region is often called India's cancer capital given the high incidence of the killer disease here

The world's most powerful person and Marora, a tiny village in Haryana's most backward district, now have something in common. The name Trump. The re-naming has been done  as a publicity exercise to draw the world's attention to Marora.

A fire that killed at least 79 people at a London tower block started in a Hotpoint fridge freezer, and the outside cladding engulfed by the blaze has since been shown to fail all safety tests

Trump wants a solar wall on Mexico border

Mountain Scene, a newspaper in New Zeal and's resort town Queenstown has decided to take a stand against drunken driving by filling its front page with the names, ages and alcohol readings for about 100 people convicted of the offence

People could soon travel from London to Edinburgh, a distance of approximately 670 kilometres, in eight minutes, claims Hyper Chariot, a company that has announced its intention to build an extremely ambitious transport system that would be capable of reaching speeds of 4,000 mph (approx. 6,400 kmph), and could also be emission-free and 100% solar-powered

In Netherlands, KPN, the national phone company is developing a smart way to stop kids from texting while cycling -a growing cause of teenage accidents. This new app will block internet and phone signals to a cyclist's smartphone while they are in the saddle.

The UK Parliament was hit by a cyber-attack leaving MPs unable to access their emails remotely.

Honda Motor had to shut down its Sayama plant in Japan on Monday after it was found that WannaCry ransomware had hit its computer network.

The Delhi Metro has introduced its own smart watches Watch2Pay (to be priced at Rs. 6000),, that  will enable commuters' faster entry and exit at metro stations. The watches, made in partnership with an Austrian company, will have a sim card inside for recharging, but won't require mobile network to function.

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego have developed a skin patch that could charge mobile devices from users' sweat. The biofuel patch has already been used to power a radio for two days using human sweat. The flexible square patch sticks to the skin and contains enzymes to replace metals normally used in batteries.

Artificial intelligence could start World War III -- Jack Ma

Mark Zuckerberg sets a new mission for Facebook  to "Bring the world closer together.

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