Tuesday, 27 June 2017

2010 Trends – A Roadmap for the Future

2010 Trends – A Roadmap for the Future: The trends map has 16 lines representing everything from society & culture to news & media. There are also 5 time zones representing 2010-2050, so everything that falls outside the central zone (zone 1) is obviously a prediction.  The key mega trends on the map are: Ageing; Power shift Eastwards; Globalisation; Localisation; Digitalisation; Personalisation; Volatility; Individualism; Environmental change; Sustainability; Debt; and Urbanisation. Some of the predictions include:  All televised sport becomes short-format; Epidemic of new disorders caused by uncensored use of digital devices; Turkey, Iran and Mexico become key powers; Online communities gather offline to start physical communities; The robot population surpasses the human population; Brain holidays; Communications free resorts; People attending online funerals; and The appearance of laboratory grown meat in supermarkets. https://goo.gl/tZsUsT

See the roadmap at 2010 Trends - Roadmap


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