Monday, 15 February 2016

Why the White House Wants to Spend $19 Billion on Cyber-Security

President Obama has earmarked $19 billion to fund his Cybersecurity National Action Plan to improve cyber-security. Here are some of the key components of the plan.

Some people who care about Web security may have been aware that Feb. 9 was proclaimed Safer Internet Day. The observance, which was organized by the European public-awareness organization Insafe, centers on promoting safe and responsible use of online technology. To celebrate Safer Internet Day, President Barack Obama on Feb. 9 announced the Cybersecurity National Action Plan. The plan, which includes the development of a cyber-security commission, as well as new rules for how the government must safeguard against online attacks, is also focused on creating new ways for consumers and companies to enhance their online security. To prove that he's serious about improving the nation's cyber-security, Obama has earmarked $19 billion to fund the program in the $4.1 trillion federal budget proposal he sent Congress on Feb. 9. This slide show focuses on some of the Cybersecurity National Action Plan's key components that Obama said is intended to "ensure our prosperity and security online for the generations to come."

See the slide show

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