Monday, 15 February 2016

Articles to Read -- 2016-02-15

You may find these articles interesting

Why the White House Wants to Spend $19 Billion on Cyber-Security
See the slide show

Reframes, rethinks and bold calls: 16 speakers share ideas at TEDGlobal>London
Read the report

5 Brilliant Ways in Which NRIs Are Helping People in Rural India with Just a Few Phone Calls!
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8 Mental Habits the Most Successful People Learn to Break
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10 Job Skills You'll Need in 2020
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10 terrifying uses of artificial intelligence
Know them

Making Artificial Organs with a Cotton Candy Machine
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Sustainable materials
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The crazy world of connectivity expected in 2016
Know them

An FBI Agent Shares 9 Secrets to Reading People
Understand them

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