Friday, 12 February 2016

Articles to Read -- 2016-02-13

You may find these articles interesting

Entrepreneurship: Kamal Rajini Analogy : Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneurs
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Human Resources Management:  10 signs it's time to let an employee go

Science & Tech: Data sharing: An open mind on open data
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Science & Tech: Five things that happen to your body in space
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InfoTech: The chips are down for Moore’s law
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Research: Does it take too long to publish research?
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Everipedia: The Wikipedia Competitor for the People
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Finance: Explained in 5 charts: How Indian banks' big NPA problem evolved over years
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InfoTech: Sports: Super Bowl 50 smashes data records with 10.1TB flying across Wi-Fi

InfoTech: Privacy: What are four of the top social media networks doing to protect children?