Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Article series: The Innovation Formula: the guidebook to innovation for small business leaders and entrepreneurs

Innovation is as important for small business as for large ones, but most of the books and other writings available focus on the big firms. In his new book The Innovation Formula, Langdon Morris provides insights for the small business leader or entrepreneur about how to be fantastically successful at innovation even with very limited time and capital to invest.

The article series covers the following:

1. Innovation in the SME and Entrepreneurial Context
2. Elements of The Innovation Formula
3. Five Forces of Complexity and Change
4. Market Mapping for Sustainable Growth
5. Risk, Great Ideas, and Your Business Model
6. Risk and Your Innovation Portfolio
7. Designing Your Innovation Portfolio
8. Build a Fast and Efficient Innovation Team
9. Speed of Innovation – How to Master Rapid Prototyping
10. Full Team Engagement in the Innovation Culture
11. To be a Good Leader, Be a Good Learner
12. Key Abilities of Effective Innovation Leaders
13. Four Tools to Support Creativity and Innovation
14. Taking Action: Your Innovation Master Plan
15. 25 Steps to Jump-Start your Innovation Journey

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