Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The world’s most profitable trades – You’ll be shocked at some!

If you ask an expert what the world's most lucrative businesses are, chances are they'll say alcohol, oil or weapons. However, most would limit themselves to the legal side of things where the businesses are clean and you're paying taxes. However, there is a parallel black economy that's worth trillions globally, and some say it's more powerful than the white one. We're talking about the drug cartels, mafia and grey markets.

Business Insider gets its hands dirty by delving into the darkest of corners to list the most lucrative business markets across the globe.

P.S: Business Insider India condemns illicit trade. However, a cold-eyed gaze into these underground trades would recognize their size and extent and help prevent future massacres. We finalized the list based on the value if the market, profit to investment ratio and growth rate.

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