Saturday, 27 June 2015

12 Superpowers You Can Have Today

Generations of children were raised to worship the awesome abilities of Peter Parker, Clark Kent and the rest. But, faster than a speeding bullet, the old fantasies are being realized and even surpassed.

Superpowers no longer rely on being exposed to radiation or infection, they are made to order by visionary scientists and precocious hackers using light waves, chemicals and rocket packs. Here's a taste of the accessible wonders coming our way.

Super strength: As seen in The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, most of them really.
Flight: As seen in Captain Marvel, Superman
Invisibility: As seen in Space Ghost, Iron Man
X-ray vision: As seen in Superman, Wonder Woman
Breathe underwater: As seen in Aquaman
Echolocation: As seen in Daredevil
Telepathy/Telekinesis: As seen in Professor X
Night vision: As seen in Beast, Nightcrawler
Self-healing: As seen in Firestorm, Lizard
Super speed: As seen in Blade, The Flash
Bullet proof: As seen in Batman
Climbing the walls: As seen in Spiderman

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