Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The 10 Types Of Nightmare Bosses

I’ve been lucky to have some great bosses over the years (hat-tip to Anita) but I’ve also had some really bad ones. Dealing with difficult or nightmare bosses can be both physically and emotionally draining and unfortunately it can also have a direct impact on your career and your effectiveness.

The following are ten types of nightmare bosses (behaviour patterns) that I’ve come across. In my experience, it’s rare that a bad boss fits the exact stereotype but rather will demonstrate his or her own unique set of unproductive or destructive behaviours. Also, good bosses particularly on bad days or in bad situations can behave badly on occasion. I know I have!

#1. The Indecisive Boss
#2. The Workaholic
#3. The Micro-Manager
#4. The Therapist
#5. The Bull-Shitter
#6. The Bipolar
#7. The Bully
#8. The Dictator
#9. The Politician
#10. The BFF

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