Wednesday, 21 January 2015

10 Social Media Customer Service Tactics You Must Implement During 2015

In online terms, social media customer service is a low hanging business fruit and an area where you can steal a march on your competitors during 2015.

Usually around this time of year, I write about those online marketing trends that I expect to feature heavily during the following year. However, this year I’m changing the focus to social customer service, where customer expectation is not being met by the majority of businesses. It’s worth noting that social customer service activities double as some of the best online marketing tactics you could employ.

The following are 10 social customer service tactics that I recommend all businesses must implement during 2015:

#1. Listen to and monitor online conversations

#2. Identify the correct tools

#3. Develop a cross channel strategy

#4. Develop clear guidelines

#5. Develop self-service content

#6. Define response targets

#7. Monitor your competitors and industry

#8. Understand message and manage conversations

#9. Create a social customer service handbook

#10. Analyse the data

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