Friday, 16 January 2015

15 Out-of-the-Box Predictions for IT This Year 2015

Years ago, when he was asked whether Web services were going to be the "next big thing," Oracle co-founder and then-CEO Larry Ellison responded: "I've spent too much time in Italy to know that you shouldn't ignore fashion." In tech, we like nothing better than a new trend, because they become new products—and eventually new income streams—for enterprises. We also know that fashion matters, so we've learned that it's generally best to get on board with it—or at least become familiar with fashionable trends—if at all possible. In the IT industry, we also like to look ahead, based on what we experienced in the past, to anticipate what important trends are coming, so that we can be aware of new ideas in order to stay competitive. "IT marketers have proven to be masters at hyping new trends, setting unrealistically high expectations for them and then, when the dust settles, sometimes making money," wrote Jeremy Burton, EMC's president of products and marketing. In this eWEEK slide show, we offer 15 predictions for IT in 2015 from industry executives that may raise an eyebrow or two, depending upon your own knowledge of the industry.

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