Friday, 16 January 2015

10 Social Networks Aimed at Improving Enterprise Collaboration

Historically, social networks were designed for consumers to keep in touch with friends or find out what family members are doing. Friendster and MySpace were once dominant in social networking, but are now distant memories. Today, the king of social networking is Facebook, followed by Twitter, Google+ and many others, and social networking is alive and well. Perhaps that's why social networking is increasingly making its presence felt in the enterprise. On Jan. 14, Facebook launched a limited release of its enterprise social networking service, Facebook At Work. The offering is designed to allow companies to create their own social networks to improve productivity and efficiency. More importantly, the announcement puts Facebook in direct competition with a range of major competitors. Whether it's Microsoft's Yammer or Slack or one of the many other services out there that cater to companies' social needs, the corporate world is embracing the idea of collaboration more and more. Now, Facebook is playing a major role in that space. eWEEK examines Facebook at Work and several other social networks that take aim at the enterprise and try to help companies collaborate far more effectively.

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