Wednesday, 15 January 2014


This BizQuiz-20130115 has TEN questions.

Select the right answer from the alternatives indicated in the questions.

1. At present, Reserve Bank of India is largely guided by Wholesale Price Index / Consumer Price Index based inflation as a gauge for inflation management.

2. Tesco, the UK based retailer has applied for opening multi-brand retail stores in India in partnership with Tata Group / Future Group.

3. At present, the norm is that interest will not be credited to Provident Fund subscribers after a lapse of Five / Three years.

4. Gamesa Corp Technologies SA is a Spanish / French wind turbine manufacturer. It is one of the top five in the world and has invested Rs. 1500 crore in India in the last four years.

5. According to property consultant Cushman & Wakefield, Bangalore is second only to Singapore / Tokyo in the Asia pacific region in demand for offices.

6. Nestle is a UK / Swiss based food and beverages company.

7. Earlier to Bitcoins, QQ Coin was a famous online currency in China / Korea.

8. "Banker to every Indian" is the tagline of State Bank of India / Indian Bank.

9. India imports 90% of its crude palm oil from Malaysia / Indonesia.

10. While in AK-47, the automatic rifle, K stands for its designer Kalasknikov, the number 47 stands for the rifles' Bore Size / Year of Design.

For answers, see BizQuiz-20130120

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