Saturday, 23 November 2013

How to revamp your IT resume

Meet Deron Lespoir, an SAP training consultant with more than 10 years of experience managing learning initiatives for big-name companies. Lespoir wraps up a five-month contract with Viacom/MTV in December and has his sights set on landing another contract opportunity -- six months or longer -- ideally in the New York City area.

Lespoir's experiences fall into two categories: managerial roles and training roles. As a manager, he's responsible for a company's SAP training lifecycle: hiring other trainers and content developers, understanding organizational learning needs and current processes, and then developing a strategy and training plan to facilitate that. On the training side, he is responsible for understanding the company's business processes, developing training materials, and facilitating employee training.

He told us he is looking for a leadership role next. "The one thing I love about my jobs is that [they're] people-based. In every organization, you have easygoing people and difficult people. It's all about being able to relate to them, and I have a great track record with that."

Lespoir met with Felix Fermin, senior technical recruiter with the IT recruiting firm Mondo, to fine-tune his resume for his next job. Here's a look at the resume's positives and negatives, plus how they reworked the resume to better showcase his experience and strengths.

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