Wednesday, 2 November 2016

News Nuggets -- dt. 2016-11-02

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation will settle death claims within a week and retirement cases before a worker superannuates from the job.

State Bank of India has reduced home loan rates to 9.1%--the lowest in six years--for loans sanctioned in November and December this year.

Police revive enumeration of senior citizens in Chennai. Senior citizens can contact the toll-free number 1253 that was dedicated to receive calls from senior citizens in distress.

With big airlines in, smaller cities start flying. Civil aviation ministry is aggressively pushing regional connectivity across the country.

Woman passengers getting on or off trains at Coimbatore and Trichy railway station, can feed their infants, get their doubts cleared, file complaints or simply enjoy some privacy at exclusive facilitation centres.

Rural Kerala declared open defecation free. Kerala has become the first open defecation free (ODF) state among densely populated states in the country.

China says it won't back India's NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) bid.

Election of candidates can be set aside if they lie about education: Supreme Court

China has allowed the export of an unmanned combat drone that can carry between 16 and 24 air-to-surface missiles at a time and stay in the air for 60 hours at a stretch. Pak may buy export variant of China's 1st stealth aircraft.

Frequent Facebook users more likely to live longer. Study Links More Friend Requests To Reduced Mortality.

iPhone8 may come with wireless charging.

NASA develops technology to prevent flight delays, that safely increases the number of airplanes that can land on the same runway at busy airports.

SP Balasubrahmanyam will be conferred the prestigious Centenary Award for Indian Film Personality of the Year at the International Film Festival of India 2016 (IFFI).

Friendship groups play a major role in a student's life and the density of ties that heshe shares with friends is associated with specific social and academic benefits, says a new study .

Reminding people of their close, caring relationships can reduce their tendency to anthropomorphise objects -ascribing humanlike characteristics to inanimate objects -as a way of feeling socially connected, and help people reconnect with real people, suggests new research.

Source: Times of India. dt. 2nd Nov 2016
Compiled by HR Mohan

Tirupati darshan tickets can now be purchased at T. Nagar and Mylapore post offices.

In an effort to cope in case of a flood this northeast monsoon, the Chennai Corporation has begun mobilising NGOs and volunteers and will impart training on flood relief for volunteers shortly.

Educationists and activists have termed the Ministry of Human Resource Development’s (MHRD) decision to establish world-class institutions a ‘hare-brained’ idea at worst and wishful thinking at best.

Planetary rings that surround Saturn, Neptune and Uranus were formed four billion years ago when large objects passed very close to planets and got destroyed, scientists have found, solving the mystery behind the origin and diversity of these rings.

After four years of intensive screening, researchers at Pune’s Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) have transformed insulating metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), which are generally used for gas storage and solvent separation, into semiconductor MOFs by incorporating polymers.

The National Book Trust has set the ball rolling to bring out a dozen books in Sanskrit next year, beginning with a book on Mahatma Gandhi that will hit the stands within months.

The orange spotted grouper fish (Epinephelus coiodes) has the potential to emerge as an alternative to Vannamei, an exotic whiteleg shrimp, as a major breakthrough has been made by scientists at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) here in mass production of the seed of the fish.

The Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation Ltd (TACTV) seems to have broken free from cable TV operators to roll out its Arasu Fibre internet scheme, and has invited applications from young entrepreneurs and entities to roll out the scheme.

Obama to hand over digital keys to successor. The handle @POTUS will be made available to the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017.

Expressing serious concerns over the proposal of the GST Council for imposing 26 per cent ‘Sin Tax’ on tobacco, public health advocates of Assam said such a tax rate below 40 per cent will negatively impact revenue and public health.

The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) will carry out aerial mapping of the city to study its rooftop solar energy generation prospects. The aerial mapping exercise will use the light detection and ranging (LIDAR) technology, which is said to be a first in the country. An aircraft will fly over the city, sending pulses of light, which will get reflected back from objects on the ground.

Zoomcar, India’s first 100 per cent self-drive car rental company, also allows individuals to purchase vehicles on behalf of the firm, list the vehicle on a dynamic basis on its platform when sitting idle and finally share in the profit on monthly basis.

Several hundreds .of devotees from various parts of the State and also from the neighbouring States have arrived in large numbers at Sri Laxminarasimha Swamy Devasthanam in Dharmapuri of Jagtial district on Tuesday to worship Lord Yama Dharmaraja (God of Death). This is the only temple shrine in entire country where Lord Yama (God of Death) is worshipped. It is believed that people who offer prayers at the Lord Yama temple on Yama Dwetheeya would not go to ‘hell’ after their death. It is believed that people having ‘Bhagini-hastha’ (food served by one’s sister) on this day would enjoy longevity and cleansed of their sins, the priest said.

TTD approves Rs. 188 crore development works for Tirupati

In Delhi, air pollution around Diwali is the maximum due to temperature inversion, increase in vehicular traffic and bursting of crackers. Due to slow wind speed, low temperature and reduced sunlight, the polluted air does not disperse or rise up, and instead, remains suspended just above the ground.

The study by Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, reveals that long work hours (48 per cent), work pressure (40 per cent), work life imbalance (32 per cent) were the top three cause of work-related stress. The other reasons included lack of role clarity, personal and professional relationship conflict, inability to recognise stress and managers’ inability to fight stress.
Source: The Hindu. dt. 2nd Nov 2016
Compiled by HR Mohan

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