Friday, 5 February 2016

Goodbye annual appraisals, IBM embraces 'Checkpoint' rating system

During a townhall at one of IBM's largest centers in Bengaluru on Tuesday, chief executive Virginia M "Ginni" Rometty asked the employees to answer some questions with a show of hands.

"How many of you here have worked at IBM between one and five years," asked Rometty, according to at least three employees present at the meeting. A bunch of hands went up in the auditorium that was packed with 5,000-6,000 employees.

"Five to 10 years?" A few more hands went up.

"Over 10 years," she asked next, and that was when largest number employees raised their hands.

To those experienced IBMers, Rometty stressed on the need to reinvent and transform themselves at a time when the global technology industry is undergoing tectonic shifts with the emergence of cloud computing, Internet of Things and cognitive computing.

"Just because you started your careers in a certain role, let's say hardware engineering, does not mean you'll end your careers in hardware," said Rometty, according to the people ET spoke to.

Amid the push for employees to re-skill and reinvent themselves, Rometty on Tuesday announced a string of new employee appraisal measures for the India operations, including a new appraisal system called "Checkpoint."

IBM India has also abolished the company's previous yearly appraisal assessment methodology, according to the sources.

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