Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Follow these 7 rules to thrive in a digital world

As an IT Services firm it is likely that you are already a digital business. If not, you could benefit by extending your business to Digital business. Services relating to Digital are growing at a rate of 25% to 40% versus 10%-15% of traditional IT services. The bill rates for Digital services are at a premium to traditional services. Whether Digital is a small part of your IT Services business currently or sizable, you could benefit from the following 7 rules in creating a thriving Digital business.

  1. Internalise and agree on the relevance of Digital for the future of your business
  2. Fast track investments in building Digital offering
  3. Ring fence Digital business operations
  4. Demonstrate commitment and leadership in Digital
  5. Operate as a Digital business
  6. Measure and Reward Digital business growth
  7. Attract, Train, Retain Digital talent

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