Thursday, 11 February 2016

Everipedia: The Wikipedia Competitor for the People

At a time when Internet censorship has turned into a perceived #WAR against certain groups of people, a new hero has seemingly emerged as a siren for the masses. Everipedia, also known as “Thug Wikipedia” to the insiders–which includes everyone by design–is the unannounced, and impossible to ignore, lovechild of the popular online encyclopedia and Facebook.

Breitbart News sat down for an exclusive interview with Everipedia co-founders Sam Kazemian, known by his friends as “the Persian Zuck,” and Mahbod Moghadam, previously of Genius, to discuss their startup and how it’s single-handedly seeking to revolutionize the concept of “knowledge aggregation,” one individual page at a time.

“Everything that Wikipedia thinks is not cool, we think is cool. And the site is blowing up because it has so many pages now,” Sam, 22, told Breitbart News. “It’s so scary that Wikipedia was built in 1999 and it’s the seventh biggest site on the Internet,” Mahbod, 33, added. “But this still really needs to get updated.” Mahbod insists Everipedia is an extension of the popular online information catalogue, wittily referring to it as “Uber for Wikipedia,” although the startup’s growing popularity among the masses could wind up turning the tides.

Unlike Wikipedia, Everipedia allows anyone to create a page about any individual person, any organization, or any thing. Creating an Everipedia page is as simple as pasting a URL into the site’s search bar which automatically populates the information into it. Mahbod said he even created an Everipedia page for his mom: “I had to make one for her. Otherwise, she would kick my ass.”

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