Wednesday, 3 February 2016

9 predictions for the future of programming

Some scientists say time moves forward at a constant rate. The clever ones argue that everything changes near the speed of light. But none of this explains the increasing rate of change in the world of tech. It keeps accelerating a bit more every time you look.

If you’re wondering where to place your next development bet, looking five years out can seem like mere guesswork. Anticipating tech’s future is nearly impossible, much less the skills and tools that will be relevant given the impact of innovations to come. But there are inklings that can be gleaned from the tea leaves of today’s tech landscape -- glimmers of the future of programming through the fog.Here we gather a list of projections for programming’s future based on today’s most intriguing evolutions in tech. Not all are guaranteed to come true; not all are even guaranteed to be new. Many are trends that started unfolding several years ago. And if you compare this list to our previous foray into prognostication, you might find a bit of backsliding. Despite this, these predictions offer a solid road map that will help us plan for the future as it unfolds before us, faster and faster.

Prediction No. 1: REST rules IoT -- at first
Prediction No. 2: Binary protocols rise again
Prediction No. 3: Video kills the HTML star
Prediction No. 4: Smartphones will do everything but phone calls
Prediction No. 5: Bigger, better databases will dominate
Prediction No. 6: JavaScript will dominate, but no one will write it
Prediction No. 7: PHP will battle back against Node.js
Prediction No. 8: Everyone will know how to program -- but few will write “real code”
Prediction No. 9: The pointy-haired bosses will be even more insufferable

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