Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Dalet Newsroom: The Convergence of Television, Radio and Web News Production

In the past, there was a clear division between television, radio and print news. In a media conglomerate, it was very common to deploy several teams to cover a single event, with different stories produced for radio, television, print and, more recently, digital news outlets. This division caused both inefficiencies in terms of human resources and inconsistencies in terms of news production. Obviously, synergy was not part of the equation…

Let’s take a step back, shed light on recent IT (r)evolutions and explore the business benefits of the media convergence enabled by Dalet media management solutions!

As we mention above, until recently, when covering events, media conglomerates that owned television news stations, radio stations and newspapers would send three reporters out to cover one story: one for the newspaper, one for radio news and another for television - all managed from three different, siloed systems. The three reporters would read the same wires from agencies like Reuters, gather clips from footage taken of the press conference, and write three different stories – the on-camera script for a TV anchor, a script for the radio anchor, and an article for the newspaper. Over a morning coffee, the news consumer would read the newspaper to get the news of the day, then listen to the news in the car to and from work, and finally return home to watch the evening news – consuming more or less the same bits of news from any given media.

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