Monday, 25 January 2016

Questions From Data Science Interviews

You’ve just spent the last year working on honing your skills through the Data Analysis program. You dutifully spent your evenings — sometimes late into the night — on homework and projects, ignoring friends, family, and the ever-growing mountain of laundry in the corner. You coded hobby projects for your local municipality and wrote up an entire epic (at least, you thought it was epic) series of blog posts on your findings. And when a friend mentions her department’s struggling marketing efforts, your mind spins away on ways you might capture meaningful data and process the results.

Now you want to get a job. Which, despite your best efforts as a data analyst, depends almost entirely on acing the interview.

It should come as no surprise that careful preparation, and understanding the expectations going into the process, is what it takes not only to survive an interview for a data analyst position, but to set yourself apart as the best and most qualified candidate.

And even if you’re not actively looking for a position — if you’re still learning your craft and working your way through your projects — you can get started right now practicing interview questions, so that in six or twelve months, you’ll have done all the legwork necessary to wow your potential employers and win that coveted dream job offer.

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