Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Articles to Read -- 2016-01-27

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You may find these articles interesting.

Starting from today, the posts under the caption "Articles to Read" will be on odd days. This was based on the feedback from the readers that they find the daily postings lead to "Information Overload"

General: Why the People You E-mailed Aren’t E-mailing You Back, by Week
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Digital Divide: 8 Economic Barriers Responsible for India’s Gender Digital Divide
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Healthcare: How to Save People From Snakebites
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Management: Leadership: 10 rules for being an exceptional leader from 'philosopher king' Marcus Aurelius
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Startups: This Way To Start Up Alley
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Healthcare: 10 Awesome Health Benefits Of Ginger You Didn’t Know About!
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Education: Research: How to win a fellowship
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eCommerce: WE-COMMERCE: The sharing economy's uncertain path to changing the world
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Innovation: A 10-Point Agenda to Support Technology-driven Innovation
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Education: How universities can help students avoid plagiarism: get them to write better
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