Saturday, 23 January 2016

Articles to Read -- 2016-01-23

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IPR: Innovation: For 'Make in India', first 'Innovate in India'
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InfoTech: 'Frightful 5' will continue to dominate digital life
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Food: Agriculture: Would you bite into an 'ugly' apple? Many won't
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Space Research: GPS: 5th navigation satellite takes India closer to ‘desi GPS’
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InfoTech: Internet: Trai slams Facebook’s push for ‘Free Basics’
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Finance: Investments: Top 10 companies that pay more than 25% dividend
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Environemnt: 5 videos that reveal the human impact on Earth
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Science & Tech: Nature: When chickens go wild
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InfoTech: AI: Deep Machine Learning libraries and frameworks
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Telecom: Mobiles: The race to 5G: Inside the fight for the future of mobile as we know it
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