Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Articles to Read -- 2016-01-19

You may find these articles interesting

Transportation: White House Looks to Spend $3.9B to Jump-Start Autonomous Car Efforts
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InfoTech: Programming Trends To Look For This Year
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Privacy: European Court Rules Employers Can Monitor Your Private Messages
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Employment: InfoTech: Five million jobs at risk from AI and robotics, warns World Economic Forum
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InfoTech: Business: 7 Steps to Business and IT Alignment
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Startups: Innovation: Creating the next Apple with a ‘secret sauce’
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Real Estate: 10 affordable property markets in India
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Education: General: Know your English -- 2016-01-18
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Employment: CLAT way to a glorious career
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Startups: Top 10 takeaways from Modi's speech at Start-up India launch
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