Saturday, 16 January 2016

Articles to Read -- 2016-01-16

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You may find these articles interesting to read.

Cluture: St. Stephen's students to adopt odd-even formula for cell phones
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Business: Doing Business 2016 India (141 pages report)
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Defence: 68th Indian Army Day: Some interesting facts about the Indian Army
Know them

General: Seven simple questions that are not so simple
Know them

Education: Internship, the way to go
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Environment: El NiƱo – what it will bring this year and how it could change with global warming
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Healthcare: 20 high calorie Indian dishes to avoid
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Infotech: What’s wrong with the encryption policy
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Science & Tech: Ready for next great game: Mining minerals from seas
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InfoTech: Healthcare: 24x7 always on obsession triggers a new epidemic among executives: Smartphone obsessive compulsive disorder
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