Monday, 18 January 2016

8 new Twitter features to watch

The social network is increasing its character limit, launching new advertising products and cracking down on bullying. Here's how the updates affect communicators.

Twitter's looking for a turnaround year.

Although the social network released some interesting new features (most notably Periscope), those debuts evidently weren't appealing enough for the 77 percent of Internet users who don't use Twitter..

In 2016, Twitter might make some changes that affect how communicators use the platform. Here are the changes that have occurred, or are likely to occur, on Twitter this year.

1. Character increase
2. Conversational ads (and other ad products)
3. Twitter Camera
4. Twitter Q&A
5. Anti-harassment/violence/bullying efforts
6. Twitter Polls
7. Twitter for Mac update
8. Kanye's new album

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