Sunday, 24 January 2016

6 wisdom picks from around the World

The highly interconnected world of our times provides valuable opportunities to absorb the best from every part of the world. However, this can happen only when one has an open mind.

The process of opening up our mind to the vastness and diversity of the world is what I call spirituality. The openness to see and understand that the whole world belongs to us, and have a sense of ownership of that which is good and the willingness to take responsibility for correcting what’s not right. Such an outlook makes one a global citizen, who can adopt and imbibe the best from every corner of the world and blossom into a complete personality.

We should learn team work from Japan, value of time from Germany, etiquette from Britain, marketing from America and humanity from India.

Teamwork from Japanese
Precision and punctuality from Germans
Negotiation & marketing from Americans
Etiquette from British
Happiness from Bhutan
Human Values from Indians

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