Friday, 29 January 2016

15 energy-boosting snacks for weary IT pros

1. Dark chocolate for a boost

Working in tech can be stressful and have serious health consequences. And let's face it: IT folks aren't known for having the best diets.

So. Are you feeling a little run down? Here are some snacks guaranteed to awaken and energize your overworked, inner code monkey.

You can have chocolate daily, but it had better be the type that actually improves your health. Filled with antioxidants, dark chocolate releases lots of feel-good endorphins, the same kind you get when you're falling in love -- which is very convenient when you're feeling frustrated with those adorable idealists over on the design team.

2. Walnuts to cut down on distracting cravings

Nuts in general are great snacks, but the walnut in particular is a great source for Omega-3 fatty acids.

According to scientists at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, eating 6 to 7 walnuts a day can help scavenge almost every disease-causing free radical from your body. You don't actuallylike taking sick days, do you?

3. Fried grasshoppers instead of potato chips

If you need to persuade your office manager to stock up on bugs, point out it's what people in at least 113 countries munch on. That includes China, which is where everybody who's anybody is sourcing their hardware these days.

Protein, which helps the brain develop and keeps it running, is something grasshoppers have lots of -- and these bugs also are lower in cholesterol than pork or beef. Just don't look 'em in the eye when you pop 'em in your mouth.

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