Saturday, 9 January 2016

10 Personal Skills That Set the Very Best Leaders Apart

Leadership skills that worked in the past won't carry you into the future.

Do you have the personal qualities you need to be an effective leader
in the coming decades? Even if you've been successful so far, the
answer may be no. The aggressive personality and hard-driving skill
set that got so many leaders to the top in past years won't keep
working in the future.

That warning comes from Sandja Brügmann, serial entrepreneur and
founder of the Passion Institute, a conscious leadership, strategic
purpose, and sustainable business consultancy for executives and
entrepreneurs. "Today, we are experiencing a shift away from the old,
pure capitalist business principles, where success was measured purely
by profits, with a high disregard for any damaging effects on the
environment, health, and workers," she says. "Instead, the focus is
moving to the bigger interrelated picture and the environmental,
cultural, social, and global impacts a business can have."

Some of that evolution is happening for a very practical reason: the
tight labor pool. With skilled employees increasingly able to choose
among many employers, 77 percent of Millennials say they select
companies they can be proud of, according to recent research by
Deloitte. That means leaders who want success for the future must pay
attention to the bigger picture or risk losing younger employees to
more socially conscious employers.

Developing the qualities you need to be a "new paradigm" leader will
make you happier as well, she adds. "People who have these leadership
skills not only create stronger interrelations," she says. "They also
live the life they truly want to live." And they help their businesses
make a positive impact in the world at large as well.

Here's what you'll need.

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