Friday, 23 October 2015

4 reasons Singapore is poised for success as a global hub for content creators

Digital media is in the midst of a heyday, some may argue. Not only are online publishers ramping up their game across the board, it seems as if new media organizations are popping up on news feeds every other day. Established brands and startups alike are clamoring to become skilled content producers, tapping into social media marketing and trying their hand at video production. With the rise and reign of new, digital formats, media and entertainment companies are constantly seeking the next big regional hubs for content.

In Southeast Asia, Singapore has emerged as a prime candidate for such a hub. With a slew of media companies setting up shop, Singaporean names emerging in the film and television industries, and high-profile events and conferences on the rise, the Lion City is quickly emerging as a global force in the increasingly high-stakes game of content creation.

Below, we've outlined a few of the ways Singapore is making waves in digital media and the entertainment industry, and why it could be poised for success.

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