Friday, 9 October 2015

10 must-have IT budget items

If you're staring at your IT budget and wondering what can stay and what can go, consider these 10 critical items that should remain.

Your IT budget looms over you, arms crossed, like a specter poised to make or break your year. If you've planned carefully enough, that daunting spirit will recede into the shadows. If not, you're in for a rough fourth quarter... and beyond.

To avoid the budgetary specter, you must plan and plan well. It's not really that challenging. It just takes time and experience—and sometimes a little bit of luck. And you can make life easier by ensuring that you make room for a few key items in your IT budget. "What items?" You ask. Here are 10 possibilities that could be considered must-haves for many IT departments around the globe.

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