Thursday, 6 August 2015

Healthcare News & Tips

Cleanse your body with healthy foods

15 effective ways to prevent heart diseases

Cure your common cold the natural way

Cheating sleep slowly kills your heart

Spicy food may lower risk of early death: study

7 ways to calm your upset stomach

How to treat a bloated belly

BP drugs could help beat Alzheimer’s

Oral cancer, causes, symptoms, effects and prevention

9 Simple ways to reduce stress

5 diseases your pets can give you!

Eye problems you must not ignore

10 Most common monsoon diseases

Ayurveda treatments: Herbs for women’s health

How to get over a jet lag

Top 20 ways to prevent diabetes

All that you need to know about pregnancy

7 warning signs of type 2 diabetes

10 home remedies to avoid swine flu

Pros and cons of watching porn

The role of counselors in your workplace

QUIZ: Should you quit your job?

15 cholesterol myths busted

Boost your brain power with this

Dos and don'ts of staying fit and healthy

Take this quiz to judge your health knowledge

Apps that will help you beat stress

8 ways to say NO to stress

Top stress related diseases

8 stress symptoms you should not ignore!

Are mental health apps useful?

Speaking in a foreign accent is officially a DISORDER!

20 bad habits you need to quit now

What is sex therapy?

20 little changes for a healthy lifestyle

Symptoms of diabetes in women

20 techniques to lower cholesterol

Sleep disorders: What is sleep apnea?

20 natural essential oils and their health benefits

20 sleep disorders you should avoid

Beat arthritis with these simple tips

Prevent hair loss: How to prevent alopecia

5 common health mistakes you are making!

Pregnancy: Top myths to avoid when pregnant

Mental health: What is stress?

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