Sunday, 19 July 2015

Ticket to the future

With huge investments across 20 cities, the metro rail is the commuting system that will define India's new urbanism. Projects in 20 cities, Rs 2 lakh crore in committed investments, Rs. 2 lakh crore in the pipeline. Clearly, India’s urbanism is riding into a metro rail future, although gaps remain in making city transport systems ‘smart’.

Ticket to the future
A congestion charge or even a charge on fuel in the 64 chosen Indian cities could fund metro and other transport projects efficiently.

Impact of public transport on Delhi
One of the major reasons for the fall in road accidents in the last decade coincides with the metro gradually becoming the principal artery of public transport.

Missing the deadline
Slated to have been up and running in 2015, Chennai’s metro is still work in progress.

Derailed in Mumbai
Mumbai's tryst with the metro rail so far has been unimpressive and sluggish.

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