Thursday, 2 July 2015

9 Productivity Tricks for the Time-Crunched Security Professional

Security professionals are a busy bunch. Thanks to sophisticated threats, limited resources, product complexities, compliance demands and business objectives, you already are being pulled in what probably feels like a thousand directions - and that's on a good day.

Your job may never slow down. But when confronting these challenges, you can implement clever solutions that will help boost your time management, efficiency and performance to get things done. Much of the advice out there for improving productivity is repeated over and over (arriving at the office early, limiting meetings, taking regular "fresh air" breaks) - but much less available are suggestions specific to security careers.

Here are nine actionable "hacks" that will help you pick up your game and optimize your infosec routine, all while sharpening both your hard and soft skills in the process.

Efficiency tools
Outsource resource-consuming work
Threat feeds and lists
Data breach repositories
Security stats
McCumber cube

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