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CSI eNewsletter -- Jan-Feb 2015

The CSI eNewsletter -- combined edition of Jan-Feb 2015 can be accessed at OR and also at the CSI KM Portal

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The IT Leaders 100 list
A Strategist's Guide to the Internet of Things
What Are MOOCs Good For?
Top 10 Clever Google Search Tricks
Internet Tricks That You Might Not Know
2014 Global Report on the Cost of Cyber Crime
10 Big Data Trends Apt to Influence Enterprises in 2015
The next 30 years could see PCs fading away and robots taking over
Beginner's guide to R
Don't trust that lamp! How 12 common devices can now be hacked
Sher-locked: 12 famous passwords used through the ages
9 fantastical future display technologies
7 social engineering scams and how to avoid them
Ringing a bell: 11 common phrases and terms that came from obsolete technology
8 areas where CSOs and CIOs will converge in 2015
Infographic: Password, Your Days Are Numbered
F.C.C. Net Neutrality Rules Clear Hurdle as Republicans Concede to Obama
Server OS Buyer's Guide
The ways people described computers in the 1990s are hilarious
Video: Blind man sees wife for first time in 10 years
The digital black hole: will it delete your memories
2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Client Management Tools
How Google determined our right to be forgotten
2015 Global Industry Survey Report
Surfing the web safely: keeping your browsers safe
2015 Senior Wearables Predictions
Rampant software errors undermine scientific results
How cloud computing - and other new technology - could lead to the
destruction of humanity
Video- Interactive: Where I went right
9 Free Business Productivity Tools For Startups
8 Things You Must Ignore To Stay Happy
The 10 Intrapreneurs Commandments
Five career-advancing information technology skills
10 Social Media Customer Service Tactics You Must Implement During 2015
What Self-Made Billionaires Do Best
The 10 Types of Nightmare Bosses
Best Business Books 2014: Innovation

Results of Student Essay Contest on Harnessing the Power of ICT for
our New Initiatives

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ICT News: Govt, Policy, Telecom, Compliance
ICT News: IT Manpower, Staffing & Top Moves
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Book: From College to Career: How to Make the Transition and Become a
Successful Professional
Book: Organizational Behaviour :Text and Cases
Book: Services Marketing: Text and Cases
Book: Big Data Analytics Beyond Hadoop: Real-Time Applications with
Storm, Spark, and More Hadoop Alternatives
Book: Data Just Right: Introduction to Large-Scale Data & Analytics
Book: R for Everyone: Advanced Analytics and Graphics
Book: The Internet of Things in the Cloud: A Middleware Perspective

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