Thursday, 19 February 2015

Do older people lose interest in sex? Ten myths of ageing – debunked

From older people getting into more car accidents to worries about falling, here are some of our favourite ageing myths busted.

1. Older people lose interest in sex

2. If older widows date, it’s to find a new husband

3. Older people are stingy

4. Older people are extra cautious when they have to make decisions

5. Older people get into more car accidents than younger people

6. Older people worry too much about falling

7. It is best to speak to an older person as you would to a small child

8. As people grow older, they get forgetful and it’s a sign of dementia

9. Growing old is depressing; older people are more depressed than younger people

10. Older people have the greatest fear of death of any age group

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