Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Top 10 Clever Google Search Tricks

Google is a more powerful tool than most people realize. You can get much more refined searches with Google's built-in tools, advanced operators, and third-party extensions. You can also use it for some pretty cool stuff if you know the right tricks. Here are 10 of our favorite lesser known tricks and features.

Use Google to Search Certain Sites

Find Product Names, Recipes, and More with Reverse Image Search

Get "Wildcard" Suggestions Through Autocomplete

Find Free Downloads of Any Type

Discover Alternatives to Popular Sites, Apps, and Products

Access Google Cache Directly from the Search Bar

Bypass Paywalls, Blocked Sites, and More with a Google Proxy

Search for People on Google Images

Get More Precise Time-Based Search Results

Refine Your Search Terms with Advanced Operators

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20 Google Search Shortcuts to Hone Your Google-Fu

Hidden behind Google's search box are a slew of shortcuts leading to so-called "OneBox" results that provide awesome tools and display helpful information quickly and directly. You might think you know them all, but a few are more hidden than others.

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10 (More) Google Shortcuts to Hone Your Google-Fu

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