Friday, 16 January 2015

Tech doing good: 10 inspiring stories on TechRepublic in 2014

This year, TechRepublic published a lot of stories about companies that use technology to solve real problems. This includes stories about technology's positive effects on the conservation efforts, technological advancements in medicine, and the increasing awareness and education about women in STEM fields. Here are 10 stories we published this year that focused on businesses and organizations using technology for the good of the world.

1. How Jane Goodall Institute uses digital mapping to save chimp habitats in Africa, empower children in the US

2. PowerToFly connects women around the world to tech companies that need talent

3. Hack the gender: Womens hackathon aims to show young women a future in tech

4. Technologists and conservationists are teaming up to stop Africa's elephant crisis

5. How an Atlanta education startup is inspiring early learning in tech and coding

6. Significance Labs is building apps to improve the lives of low-income Americans

7. How recycled solar powered phones could save rainforests and change how the tech industry tackles climate change

8. With Ushahidi's global innovation engine, Africa has joined the tech revolution

9. Business as a force for good: How benefit corps are rewriting the rules of the corporate world

10. How social media rerouted over 400,000 pounds of food waste in a year

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