Thursday, 29 January 2015

10 Things Money Can´t Buy

Money was originally invented as a unit of account, a measurement tool, used to estimate the value of goods and possessions.

Before the invention of money, people used to trade quantifiable goods they had an excess of, for other measurable things they could not harvest, make or grow. Trading was the only way people had to get access to vital resources, critical for their survival and protection, such as food, animals, tools, and fabrics, which they could not get otherwise.

As societies expanded, and trading transactions became less homogenous and more complex, the trading system colapsed. This situation forced the need for a standard unit of measure, which could help homogenize the value/cost of the heterogeneous goods being traded between individuals or communities.

Ironically, thousands of years ago, people struggled to assign standard trading values to quantifiable stuff. Today people seem to struggle to distinguish between the value of things, and invaluable things.

Our educational system, combined with our current socio-economical doctrines, has lead most people in this planet to see money as an object of cult, creating what some authors call the new “Money Culture”.

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time for reflection; an excellent occasion to rearrange our priorities, and to set up new goals. A unique opportunity to make an introspective analysis of our real values, principles and beliefs.

The list below is a compilation of wise quotes and statements on the top 10 things money can´t buy. I wish 2015 brings you and your loved ones a lot of:

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