Friday, 14 March 2014

The Perfect Dev/Test Lab: 10 Principles that make it Possible

Hyper-agility in software development requires infrastructure and automation that not only keeps pace with development processes but actually helps accelerate cycles and improve overall quality. It is arguably economically infeasible to build an ideal lab entirely on-premise due to the bursty and transient nature of dev/test workloads, but now with new technologies that normalize the clouds, hyper-agile development and test is increasingly within reach of most enterprises. The 10 ingredients listed below and described in the article at can make for dev/test lab nirvana.

1. Agile dev/test has bursty patterns and requires practically infinite pool of infrastructure resources
2. Developers should have self-service access to infrastructure
3. Ability to test on replicas of production
4. Infrastructure should be automated at the application level
5. Continuous integration – from application to infrastructure
6. Easy collaboration between dev and test teams across locations
7. Ability to reproduce bugs
8. Rapid prototyping
9. Ability to monitor usage of resources
10. Cost efficiency
11. Bonus: Extreme Testing

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