Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Great Indian Sages Who Revolutionized The Field Of Science

Our illustrious past in the field of Science before the invasions of Islamic & Portuguese hordes is worth noting. This should give inspiration to our young generation who will then realise what great scientists were produced in the golden era of India.

Aryabhatt (476 BCE) - Master Astronomer and Mathematician

Bhaskaracharya (1114-1183 BCE) - Genius in Algebra

Acharya Kanad (600 BCE) - Founder of Atomic Theory

Nagarjuna (100 BCE) - Wizard of Chemical Science

Acharya Charak (600 BCE) - Father of Medicine

Acharya Sushrut (600 BCE) - Father of Plastic Surgery

Varahmihir (499-587 BCE) - Eminent Astrologer and Astronomera

Acharya Patanjali (200 BCE) - Father of Yoga

Acharya Bharadwaj (800 BCE) - Pioneer of Aviation Technology

Acharya Kapil (3000 BCE) - Father of Cosmology

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