Tuesday, 2 July 2013

10 open source projects that are leading innovation

Technology depends upon Innovation. Without boundary-pushing ideas, technology (and those who depend upon it) would get nowhere. Innovation also drives businesses and society. Many people assume that most innovation is derived from closed source software and developers. That assumption is, in many instances, very wrong.

There are thousands upon thousands of open source projects that bring about innovation. Some do so on a small scale, while others are thinking massive and global. Of the hundreds of thousands of open source projects out there, the author of this post, Jack Wallen, has come up with a list of following 10 that are leading innovation in the world of technology.

1: OpenNebula
2: Ubuntu Unity
3: OpenClinica
4: OpenStack
5: Kitware
6: OpenDaylight
7: ForgeRock
8: Facebook Open Compute
9: Hadoop
10: Android

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