Friday, 24 May 2013

10 worst-case BYOD scenarios (and how to prevent them)

Bring Your Own Device has stirred plenty of controversy. Companies are either embracing it to its fullest extent or avoiding it like the plague. BYOD can potentially save you money and help make your employees happier and more productive. But it also brings along with it a number of possible pitfalls, from security to compatibility and everything in between. For the most part, those pitfalls can be avoided with just a little planning and education. “No way,” you say? Let’s look at some likely worst-case scenarios and see how you can prevent them from occurring.

1: Exposed data
2: Passwords in the wild
3: Declining productivity
4: Compatibility issues
5: Bandwidth overuse
6: Device management
7: Wireless bottlenecks
8: Autonomy overuse
9: Virus infections
10: Compatibility complaints

Bring Your Own Drama

It’s coming to an IT department near you. When it does, be prepared for anything and everything. You’re dealing with the teen years of mobile devices and you’re going to have to have tricks up your sleeve you never thought you’d need. But if you’re prepared, and if you’ve prepared your users, that drama will hardly get the chance to rear its ugly head.

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