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CSI eNewsletter -- 2013 Mar & Apr (Combined Issue)

The CSI eNewsletter for Mar & Apr 2013 (combined issue) can be accessed at

and also at the CSI KM Portal

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-- The Organization of the Future, and it’s Impact on IT
-- The legal and commercial risks and issues to consider
when managing emails
-- Google Apps v. Office 365 summary: Which is better
-- 10 considerations for BYOD cost/benefit analysis
-- What Is Crowdfunding And How Does It Benefit The Economy
-- Scientists use 3-D printing to help grow an ear
-- Video: India 3.0 IT And Education
-- Internet freedom in a world of states
-- What ails India inc’s executives?
-- Inspiring interview with Dr. Vinton G Cerf, Father
of Internet
-- eBook: Definitive Guide to Next-Generation Threat
-- Apple fan launches new blog, YouTube channel
-- Virtual learning spaces
-- 7 Innovative Solutions to CAPTCHA User Attention
-- Webinar: Information Optimization and the Disruptive
Power of Big Data
-- Video: Insight Into Depression – Sadhguru (11 min 30 secs)
-- Evaluating Agile and Scrum with Other Software
-- Priming Kanban
-- Top 40 CRM Vendor report
-- Researchers achieve breakthrough in spin storage
-- The CS Cloud Computing Special Technical Community
-- Video: IT and Masses in India
-- Mark Twain Awards for Travel support
-- Cicero's philosophy
-- Announcements
-- ICT Events
-- ICT News: Voices & Views
-- ICT News: Telecom, Govt, Policy, Compliance
-- ICT News: IT Manpower, Staffing & Top Moves
-- ICT News: Company News: Tie-ups, Joint Ventures,
New Initiatives
-- Book: Estimating Software Costs (TMH)
-- Book: Internet Marketing: An Hour A Day (Wiley India)
-- Book: Know Your English (Vol. 1): Idioms and their stories
Universities Press):
-- Book: Listening Skills (Universities Press)
-- Book: Semantic Web Services (Springer)
-- Book: The Art of Agile Practice: A Composite Approach for
Projects and Organizations (CRC Press)
-- About the CSI-eNewsletter
-- Contributions to CSI-eNewsletter


1. “Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web” is now
known as ------.

2. Name the 1st Indian to sign up for the Giving Pledge,
a forum of wealthy people to pledge for Philanthropy

3. Which course taken by Steve Jobs helped him to excel
in his products at Apple?

4. Three Vs of BIG DATA are Volume, Velocity, and ------

5. RIM (Research In Motion), the company which makes
BlackBerry range of smart phones has been
renamed as ------

Answers of InfoQuiz-2013-02-01

5th Feb 2013, MIT (JSTOR), Google, Graph Search,
Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

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