Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cheat Sheets and Quick Reference Guides

Almost every file extension in the world: File extension quick look-up reference

ASCII symbols: How to type special ASCII symbols

CAT5 and other cabling categories: ANSI/EIA standards for categories of twisted pair cabling systems

Chat Abbreviations: Text message shortcuts and abbreviations

Color codes: 216-color browser-safe palette table

Digital signal (DS) multiples: Standard digital transmission rates

Emoticons: Character symbols for expressing emotion in text messages

Error messages for Windows 2000: Quick look-up for Microsoft Windows 2000 error messages

Error messages for Windows XP Pro: Quick look-up for Microsoft Windows XP Pro error messages

How many bytes for...: Tables and other information about how much computer storage is required for a specific purpose

International System of Units: Chart listing values in International System of Units (SI) and the meter-kilogram-second (MKS) system

Kibi, mebi, gibi, tebi, pebi, and all that: Binary prefix multipliers used to clarify the differnce between decimal (power-of-10) and binary (power-of-2) numeration terms Mathematical Symbols. This table contains mathematical symbols and links to definitions of what they represent.

OSI Reference Model Illustrated: Standard reference model for communication between two end users in a network

Our Favorite Cheat Sheets: Cheat sheet charts for programming and end-user applications like Word and Excel

RAID reference chart: Printable PDF chart documenting different levels of RAID

The speed of...: Data rates for end-user and backbone transmission technologies

Fast Guides

Fast guide to 802.11: IEEE 802 reference chart subdivided into 22 parts that cover the physical and data-link aspects of wireless networking

Fast Guide to Acronyms used in manufacturing: Acronyms are used in internal communications within a manufacturing environment.

Fast Guide to CD/DVD: Data transfer rates, rotation speeds and capabilities

Fast Guide to F# Programming: F# is a functional programming language that runs on Microsoft's Common Language Runtime and the .NET Framework.

Fast guide to iSeries SQL: Novice iSeries SQL tips and expert advice.

Fast Guide to IT Humor: Resource for trainers, teachers and presenters

Fast Guide to PL/SQL: PL/SQL is the procedural language extension to the structured query language (SQL).

Fast Guide to RAM: Types of Random Access Memory with explanations of how and where they're used

Fast Guide to Advanced SAN Management: Troubleshooting performance issues, strategies and management tasks.

Fast Guide to Storage Technologies: Evaluation chart for determining what kind of storage technology you need

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